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Google Fit PHP - Multiuser API


I need to integrate Google Fit data on a project in PHP.
The idea is that every user, if he wants, can authorize the download of his Google Fit data.

Now, I was wondering if there are bees to handle this situation. Also if they are free.
Have you ever come across something like this? Thanks

My Answer:
Yes, there is a Google Fit API that allows you to access fitness data from Google Fit. You can use the Google API Client Library for PHP to integrate Google Fit data into your project.

To handle multiple users authorizing the download of their Google Fit data, you can use OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization. This will allow users to grant permission for your application to access their Google Fit data.

The Google Fit API is free to use, but you may need to set up a Google Cloud Platform project and enable the Google Fit API in the Google Cloud Console.

I have not personally worked with the Google Fit API in PHP, but there are resources and documentation available on the Google Developers website to help you get started. Good luck with your project!

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