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Heroku local web application is not recognizing Procfile PHP


I've been trying to connect my local files to my app using `heroku local web`, but it throws this error:
3:24:15 AM web.1 |  'vendor' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
3:24:15 AM web.1 | operable program or batch file.
[DONE] Killing all processes with signal SIGINT
3:24:15 AM web.1 Exited with exit code null

I'm sure my Procfile is there in the directory and here is the command line web: vendor/bin/heroku-php-apache2.
What I'm doing wrong? What is vendor and why it's not recognizing it?

Additional info:

  • OS: Windows 10

  • buildpack: PHP

My Answer:
It looks like the issue is with the `vendor` directory not being recognized as a command in your Windows environment. The `vendor` directory is typically where Composer installs dependencies for a PHP project.

To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps:

1. Make sure you have run `composer install` in your project directory to install the dependencies specified in your `composer.json` file. This will create the `vendor` directory with the necessary dependencies.

2. Check that the `vendor/bin/heroku-php-apache2` file exists in the `vendor/bin` directory. If it does not exist, you may need to reinstall the dependencies using `composer install`.

3. Make sure that the `vendor/bin` directory is included in your system's PATH environment variable. This will allow the `heroku local web` command to find the `heroku-php-apache2` executable.

4. If you continue to experience issues, you may want to try running the command `php vendor/bin/heroku-php-apache2` directly in your project directory to see if it executes successfully.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issue and successfully run your local web application using `heroku local web`.

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