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linux - how to prove I install with source APM(apache, php, mysql) not install-package?


I installed apache, php, mysql in ubuntu server with wget, make, make install.
I finally made it.
but I don't know how to prove or check I installed them with source code.
I checked history command but it was just part of commands not all.
please let me know if you know about it.

My Answer:
One way to check if you installed Apache, PHP, and MySQL from source code is to look at the installation directories and files. When you install software from source code, it is typically installed in specific directories that are different from the default installation directories used by package managers.

For Apache, the default installation directory when installing from source code is typically `/usr/local/apache2`. For PHP, it is typically `/usr/local/php`. For MySQL, it is typically `/usr/local/mysql`.

You can also check the version numbers of the software to see if they match the versions available at the time you installed them. You can do this by running the following commands:

- Apache: `httpd -v`
- PHP: `php -v`
- MySQL: `mysql --version`

If the version numbers match the versions available at the time you installed them, it is likely that you installed them from source code.

Additionally, you can check the configuration files for each software to see if they contain any custom configurations that you may have added during the installation process. The configuration files for Apache, PHP, and MySQL are typically located in the installation directories mentioned above.

Overall, while there is no foolproof way to definitively prove that you installed the software from source code, checking the installation directories, version numbers, and configuration files can provide some evidence that you did so.

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