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php - warning message regarding block templates after update wp


I updated my wp-site to the latest version yesterday and now get the following warning message:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid
callback, function 'wp_enable_block_templates' not found or invalid
function name in
/www/doc/ on
line 303

Looking into class-wp-hook.php line 303 says:

303             $value = call_user_func_array( $the_['function'], $args );

Any suggestions what I can do to solve this?

My Answer:
It seems like the function 'wp_enable_block_templates' is not found or is invalid after the update. Here are a few suggestions to solve this issue:

1. Check for any plugin or theme conflicts: Disable all plugins and switch to a default WordPress theme to see if the issue persists. If the warning message disappears, then re-enable each plugin/theme one by one to identify the conflicting one.

2. Update or reinstall the theme: If the issue is related to the theme, try updating it to the latest version. If that doesn't work, consider reinstalling the theme.

3. Check for any custom code: If you have added any custom code related to block templates, make sure it is correct and up to date. You may need to modify or remove the code causing the issue.

4. Contact the theme or plugin developer: If the problem persists, reach out to the developer of the theme or plugin that may be causing the conflict. They may have a solution or an update to fix the issue.

5. Roll back to a previous version: If none of the above solutions work, consider rolling back to a previous version of WordPress where the function 'wp_enable_block_templates' was working correctly. This is a temporary solution until a permanent fix is found.

Remember to always backup your site before making any changes to avoid any data loss.

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