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Clear the form field after successful submission of php form


I am making a simple Form the problem i am facing is when i submit the form values still remains in the field. and I want to clear it after SUCCESSFUL submission. Please help.

here is my code for the form..

<label class="w">Plan :</label>
<select autofocus="" name="plan" required="required">
<option value="">Select One</option>
<option value="FREE Account">FREE Account</option>
<option value="Premium Account Monthly">Premium Account Monthly</option>
<option value="Premium Account Yearly">Premium Account Yearly</option>
<label class="w">First Name :</label><input name="firstname" type="text" placeholder="First Name" required="required" value="<?php echo $_POST['firstname'];?>"><br>
<label class="w">Last Name :</label><input name="lastname" type="text" placeholder="Last Name" required="required" value="<?php echo $_POST['lastname'];?>"><br>
<label class="w">E-mail ID :</label><input name="email" type="email" placeholder="Enter Email" required="required" value="<?php echo $_POST['email'];?>"><br>
<label class="w">Password :</label><input name="password" type="password" placeholder="********" required="required" value="<?php echo $_POST['password'];?>"><br>
<label class="w">Re-Enter Password :</label><input name="confirmpassword" type="password" placeholder="********" required="required" value="<?php echo $_POST['confirmpassword'];?>"><br>
<label class="w">Street Address 1 :</label><input name="strtadd1" type="text" placeholder="street address first" required="required" value="<?php echo $_POST['strtadd1'];?>"><br>
<label class="w">Street Address 2 :</label><input name="strtadd2" type="text" placeholder="street address second" value="<?php echo $_POST['strtadd2'];?>"><br>
<label class="w">City :</label><input name="city" type="text" placeholder="City" required="required" value="<?php echo $_POST['firstname'];?>"><br>
<label class="w">Country :</label><select autofocus="" id="a1_txtBox1" name="country" required="required" placeholder="select one" value="<?php echo $_POST['country'];?>">

Any help would be appriciated

My Answer:
You can clear the form fields after successful submission by adding a simple JavaScript code to reset the form. Here's an example:


Simple Form

// Process the form submission
// Add your PHP code here for form processing

// Clear the form fields after successful submission
echo '';
echo '

Form submitted successfully!



In this code, after the form is successfully submitted, a JavaScript code is used to reset the form fields by calling `document.getElementById("myForm").reset();`. This will clear the input fields of the form.

Make sure to replace the form processing code with your actual PHP form processing logic.

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