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comparison - PHP bug or just a logical flaw


I need to know why, the real logical reason, that the following comparison is executing the "echo" line! It seems to be some kind of sorcery. If you take out the "+" sign, it won't work. If you leave it as it is, it will!

$fromUnits = "2";
$toUnits = "100000000+";

if ($fromUnits >= $toUnits) {
echo "Bypassed."; // WHY?

My Answer:
way it is:

$var1 = "10";
$var2 = 10;

if ($var1 == $var2) {
echo "Equal";
} else {
echo "Not equal";

The reason why the above comparison is executing the way it is, is because the `==` operator in PHP performs type coercion. This means that it will convert the operands to the same type before comparing them. In this case, the string "10" is being converted to an integer before the comparison is made. Since both operands are now integers and have the same value, the comparison evaluates to true and "Equal" is echoed.

If you want to compare the values without type coercion, you can use the `===` operator, which also checks for type equality. In this case, the comparison would evaluate to false because the operands are of different types.

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