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composer php - Can I create an alias for an entire namespace in PHP?


Can I create a namespace alias using PHP 8.1 functions such as class alias?

We named the default namespace module in our company as "Subcompany" and want it to become "Company" now, as it's use has been broadened.

A perfect answer would as little as possible overhead and also allow autoloading transparently. A concern is that tools such as Intelephense would understand this alias.

The project also uses composer, so an answer that rewrites namespaces using that would work too.

My Answer:
"Company\Module". If you want to create an alias for the entire namespace "Company\Module" in PHP, you can use the "use" keyword with the "as" keyword to create a namespace alias.

Here's an example of how you can create a namespace alias for "Company\Module":

use Company\Module as MyModule;

// Now you can use the alias "MyModule" to refer to the namespace "Company\Module"

This way, you can use the alias "MyModule" instead of typing out the full namespace "Company\Module" every time you need to access classes or functions within that namespace.

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