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Google Adwords API (2018) to Google Ads API in PHP


I am looking for the equivalents of Adwords API in the new Google ads API in PHP.

For example, the equivalent of

use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\v201809\cm\AgeRange;


use Google\Ads\GoogleAds\V10\Common\AgeRangeInfo;

But I can't find the exact equivalents for those for example:

use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\v201809\cm\GeoTargetTypeSetting;
use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\v201809\cm\GeoTargetTypeSettingNegativeGeoTargetType;
use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\v201809\cm\GeoTargetTypeSettingPositiveGeoTargetType;

Do you know any translators from google adwords to google ads?

My Answer:
Unfortunately, there is no direct translation for those specific classes in the new Google Ads API. The structure and naming conventions have changed significantly between the AdWords API and the Google Ads API.

I recommend referring to the Google Ads API documentation and examples provided by Google to understand the new structure and how to implement the equivalent functionality in PHP. You may need to make adjustments to your code to work with the new API.

Additionally, you can reach out to the Google Ads API support team for further assistance and guidance on transitioning from the AdWords API to the Google Ads API in PHP.

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