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How can I make php wait until python ends


I am using shell_exec to run python in php on MacOS

$result = shell_exec('/Users..../python '.$number.'/'.$newFileName);

php code doesn't wait until python code ends so there is no value in $result and it makes error. how can make php wait until python code ends?

My Answer:
You can use the `exec` function in PHP instead of `shell_exec` to make PHP wait until the Python code ends. The `exec` function will wait for the command to finish and return the last line of the output.

Here is an example of how you can modify your code:

$result = exec('/Users..../python '.$number.'/'.$newFileName);

By using `exec` instead of `shell_exec`, PHP will wait for the Python code to finish executing before moving on to the next line of code. This way, you will have the output of the Python code stored in the `$result` variable.

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