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how to include php file into drupal 7 custom module


I have module name is salesforce_auth

and I have created a folder name includes into my module and I have put my php file into includes folder name is PushToSlackRepository.php

and I have loaded my php file into my module like below:

 module_load_include('php', 'salesforce_auth', 'includes/PushToSlackRepository');

But its not loading my php file into my module. where I am doing wrong? I am new to drupal and need your help? Thanks in advance

My Answer:
You are close, but there is a small mistake in the way you are loading the PHP file. The correct way to include a PHP file in a Drupal 7 custom module is as follows:

module_load_include('php', 'salesforce_auth', 'includes/PushToSlackRepository');

Make sure that the file path is correct and matches the actual file path in your module directory. Also, ensure that the file name is correct and that it ends with the ".php" extension.

If you are still facing issues, you can try using the `require_once` function to include the PHP file in your module:

require_once(drupal_get_path('module', 'salesforce_auth') . '/includes/PushToSlackRepository.php');

This should load the PHP file into your module correctly. If you continue to experience issues, double-check the file path and name, and make sure that the file is located in the correct directory within your module.

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