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How to replace PHP code in a file having newlinse


I got some files to change by clicking a button. To go for it, i have the old string to replace, saved in database, and also the new one.
On the click button, it executes a function that is gonna find the old string in the PHP file, then gonna replace it by the new one. (Final goal is to automate the PHP edits in a web software after an update).

My problem is that it perfectly works on short strings (without newline), but as soon as there is a newline into the file, nothing happens.

This is my actual code :

    $path = '/mypath/' . $item['path'];
$old_code = $item['old_code'];
$new_code = $item['new_code'];

$pos = strpos(file_get_contents($path), $old_code);
$file = file_get_contents($path);
$str = str_replace($old_code, $new_code, $file);
file_put_contents($path, $str);

$pos is "true" if my $old_code doesn't have any newline.
I tried to use preg_match to remove \n, but the problem is that when i'll have to push my edits on the file with file_put_contents, every newline will also disapear.

Example of non-working str_replace :

echo "ok";     echo 'hey there is some spaces before'
echo 'this is a sentence';
$menu = ['test1', 'test200'];
$url = "/link/to/test";
$div = "echo \"<div class='central_container' align='center'>\";";

Do you have any idea for resolving this ?

My Answer:
not taking into account the possibility of the old code being on multiple lines. To handle this, you can use the `preg_replace` function with the `s` modifier to make the dot (`.`) match newlines as well. Here's an updated version of your code:

$path = '/mypath/' . $item['path'];
$old_code = $item['old_code'];
$new_code = $item['new_code'];

$file = file_get_contents($path);
$str = preg_replace('/' . preg_quote($old_code, '/') . '/s', $new_code, $file);
file_put_contents($path, $str);

In this code snippet, `preg_quote` is used to escape any special characters in the old code before using it in the regular expression pattern. The `s` modifier at the end of the pattern allows the dot (`.`) to match newlines as well.

This should now properly replace the old code with the new code even if the old code spans multiple lines in the PHP file.

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