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html - input value on php form between pages


I need you help. I have a form, and 2 inputs inside.
I have also those php code.
The idea is change css elements, by 2 colors the user insert, when my url is "URL?MyColors=true",
The function MyColors(), will run.
And then, the css apply by the inputs values.
I also want when client is submit, the url with get Get parameter "Mycolors=true",
so that why the submit button is with the next "formaction":
It's work as well, but only for current page, and "URL2?MyColors=true".
When I'm refreshing the page, the 2 colors not apply anymore.
I don't know what the reason.
Who can help me?

<form action="" method="post" id="myform">
myColor1: <input name="myColor1" type="text" />
myColor2: <input name="myColor2" type="text" />
<input formaction="index.php?MyColors=true" type="submit" name="submit">
<button class="refresh" onclick="refreshPage()">Refresh</button>


function MyColors() {
$_SESSION["myColors"] = "&MyColors=true";
if (isset($_POST['submit'])) {
$myColor1 = $_POST['myColor1'];
$myColor2 = $_POST['myColor2'];
else {
$myColor1 = $_SESSION['myColor1'];
$myColor2 = $_SESSION['myColor2'];

$_SESSION['myColor1'] = $_POST['myColor1'];
$_SESSION['myColor2'] = $_POST['myColor2'];

echo "<style>.bgimg-1{background: {$myColor1}!important;}
.addToCart i, a.addToCart a , a.addToCart span {color:{$myColor2}!important;}
.moreInfo{color: {$myColor1}!important;background: {$myColor2}!important;}
a.moreInfo i{color: {$myColor1}!important;}
button[type='button'].view_data {color: {$myColor1}!important;background: {$myColor2}!important;}
p.rotate {color: {$myColor1}!important; }
body {background: {$myColor2}!important;}
.categoriesTitle {color: {$myColor1}!important;}
.overlay {background: {$myColor1}!important;}
a.liAfter {color: {$myColor2}!important;}
.categoryTitles {color: {$myColor2}!important;background: {$myColor1}!important;}
.catWrapperImageCatPage::after {background: {$myColor2}!important;}
p.cat_title {color: {$myColor1}!important; }

My Answer:

Here is the HTML code for the form:


And here is the PHP code for processing the form data in `process.php`:

$color1 = $_POST['color1'];
$color2 = $_POST['color2'];

Colors Changed!

When the user submits the form, the colors they entered will be used to change the background color and text color of the page.

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