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laravel - Lumen v9 missing php artisan schedule command


in lumen v8 I had access to artisan schedule:* commands.

After upgrading lumen to v9:

"laravel/lumen-framework": "^9",

The artisan command console is missing the artisan schedule:* commands (like artisan schedule:run)!

Were they removed in lumen v9? The documentation does not mention if they were.


My Answer:
In Laravel Lumen version 9, the `php artisan schedule` command has been removed. This command was used to manage scheduled tasks in Lumen applications.

Instead of using the `php artisan schedule` command, you can now define your scheduled tasks directly in your `app/Console/Kernel.php` file.

Here is an example of how you can define a scheduled task in Lumen version 9:

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)

You can define your scheduled tasks using the `schedule` method in the `Kernel.php` file and use the `command` method to specify the command that should be run and the frequency at which it should be run.

Remember to run `php artisan schedule:run` to execute your scheduled tasks at the specified times.

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