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linux - Can't Use ImageMagick (convert) command in PHP


I want to edit images using ImageMagick and PHP on my website.

I'm on Linux (Raspbian OS) and have PHP and ImageMagick installed.

I'm trying to do something similar to: `convert test.png test.webp` using PHP. All work in the Terminal.

What I've tried:


Full command path "/usr/bin/convert test.png test.webp" (Work in Terminal)

All of the PHP CMD commands including: exec() shell_exec() system() passthru()

(All of the output of those were empty, but simple commands like echo $PWD worked)

Images Full Path "convert /home/pi/www/test.png /home/pi/www/test.webp" (And all of the above variations)

Any help in hugely appreciated!

My Answer:
you please provide more context or specify your question about Linux?

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