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php - CakePHP 2.10: memory leak while looping and using Cache::read()


I'm executing a loop where I need to render 1,500 CSVs one at a time and write the results to one concatenation file, one by one. To do this I am running some model methods that involve pulling each single cached CSV out of my file cache engine using the native CakePHP Cache helper.

What's strange is that even if the cached data I'm reading is relatively small in size, the memory usage periodically ticks up by about 2MB and garbage collection never happens to ever bring it back down. I've tried running Cache::gc($cache_config) and gc_collect_cycles() to mitigate this, but they seem to do nothing.

Below is just one loop iteration as an example. Memory usage just keeps growing and growing. It ticks up in this way about every 2-3 loop iterations (i.e. not every time, which is even more maddening.)

## memory_get_usage(true) is 134MB

$data = Cache::read($cache_key,$cache_config);

## strlen(serialize($data)) is 87KB

## memory_get_usage(true) is 136MB

Is there a solution or a workaround?

My Answer:
It seems like there might be a memory leak issue in your code. One thing you can try is to unset the variables after you are done using them in each iteration of the loop. This can help free up memory that is no longer needed.

Here is an example of how you can unset the variables after each iteration:

for ($i = 0; $i < 1500; $i++) {
// Your code to read the cached CSV and process it

// Unset variables that are no longer needed

Additionally, you can try increasing the memory limit in your PHP configuration file (php.ini) to see if that helps with the memory usage. You can do this by setting the `memory_limit` directive to a higher value, such as `memory_limit = 256M`.

If the issue persists, you may want to consider profiling your code using a tool like Xdebug to identify any specific areas that are causing the memory usage to increase. This can help you pinpoint the source of the memory leak and address it accordingly.

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