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php - Can you make mailchimp use another word than subscribe?


The value = "subscribe" seems to be all Mailchimp wants. Is there a way to override the value to be ":Sign-up." or some other words with special characters?

This is with an embed code from mail chimp. I was thinking CSS or a covering with it some how with JavaScript but without changing this form element.

<!-- Begin Mailchimp Signup Form -->

<div class="clear">
<input id="mc-embedded-subscribe" class="button" name="subscribe" type="submit" value="Subscribe" /></div>

My Answer:
Yes, you can customize the text used by Mailchimp for the subscription button. You can change the text "subscribe" to any other word or phrase you prefer by editing the form settings in your Mailchimp account. This can typically be done in the form builder or settings section of your Mailchimp account.

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