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php - Change the Status of a Sales Order in ExactOnline


We currently need to set the status of orders to CANCEL in ExactOnline through the API when they are cancelled in our shop.

I got through the ExactOnline API documentation and in the PUT request of salesOrders, I did not find any Status field that I can update but this field exists when this is a GET request.

My PUT request would have this body as status 45 = Cancelled.

"Status": 45

Which currently returns "204 No Content" (which is normal) BUT the status is not updated.

What would be the workaround then?


My Answer:
"Status": 45

Unfortunately, it seems that the ExactOnline API does not allow for the direct updating of the status field for sales orders. One possible workaround could be to create a custom field in ExactOnline to track the status of the order and update that field when the order is cancelled in your shop. You can then use this custom field to determine the status of the order.

Alternatively, you may need to contact ExactOnline support or consult their documentation for further assistance on how to update the status of a sales order in their system.

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