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php - Connection was not established Xdebug 3 with PhpStorm


Good afternoon.

When an attempt is made to debug the script on PHP 8, PhpStorm reports that there is no connection with version 3 xdebug. Works with all versions below 3. I tried to change the parameters of xdebug.remote_{host, port} to xdebug.client_{host, port} but also did not help.

My Answer:
To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps:

1. Make sure that you have the correct version of Xdebug installed for PHP 8. You can check the Xdebug website for the latest version compatible with PHP 8.

2. Update your Xdebug configuration in your php.ini file to use the new settings for Xdebug 3. Here is an example of how you can configure Xdebug 3 in your php.ini file:


3. Make sure that the port specified in the xdebug.client_port setting is open and not being used by any other application.

4. Restart your web server after making these changes to ensure that the new Xdebug settings are applied.

5. In PhpStorm, go to Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> PHP -> Debug and make sure that the Xdebug 3 is selected as the debugger.

6. Try debugging your script again in PhpStorm and see if the connection is established with Xdebug 3.

If you are still facing issues, you can also try updating PhpStorm to the latest version as it may have better compatibility with Xdebug 3.

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