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php - Data NULL with hook processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations()


I'm a new user of typo3 and I'm using the "processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations" to send a notification to users when I create alerts messages with my extension.

        $storagePid = $hookObjectsArr->getPID($table, $id);
$pageTsConfig = BackendUtility::getPagesTSconfig($storagePid);
$this->settings = $pageTsConfig['tx_alerte.'];
if ($table === 'tx_Myappalerte_domain_model_alerte' && ($this->settings['enabled'] === '1')) {

My issue is when I create a new alert, I have an error message because all my variables ($storagePid, $pageTsConfig, $this->settings) are NULL, I checked it with var_dump, but when I'm updating an existing alert, theses variables aren't NULL.
I know the ID is obviously NULL because the alert isn't created

Is there a way to make what I want to do work?

thanks you

My Answer:
hook processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations() in my extension to manipulate data after database operations. However, I'm having trouble handling NULL values in the data. Can you provide some guidance on how to handle NULL values in this hook?

In TYPO3, when dealing with NULL values in the processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations() hook, you can check if a field is NULL by using the is_null() function. Here's an example of how you can handle NULL values in this hook:

public function processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations(string $status, string $table, int $id, array $record, DataHandler $dataHandler): void
// Check if the field 'my_field' is NULL
if (is_null($record['my_field'])) {
// Handle NULL value here
// For example, you can set a default value or perform some other action
$record['my_field'] = 'default_value';

// Update the record in the database
$dataHandler->start($record, $table);

In this example, we check if the field 'my_field' in the record is NULL using the is_null() function. If it is NULL, we can set a default value or perform any other action before updating the record in the database.

Remember to replace 'my_field' with the actual field name you want to check for NULL values in your extension. This should help you handle NULL values in the processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations() hook in TYPO3.

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