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php - Difficulty properly joining tables in Laravel query


I'm having difficulty properly joining tables in L9. This joins my products and additionalProducts tables. The mission is to get all the products that can be added with productId(x). I have the Product table with all the info and additonalProduct that look like this:

id product_id additionalProductId
1 1 2
2 1 4
3 2 3
4 2 5

My Answer:
To properly join the Product and additionalProducts tables in Laravel, you can use the following query:

$productId = x; // Replace x with the desired productId

$products = DB::table('products')
->join('additionalProducts', '', '=', 'additionalProducts.product_id')
->where('additionalProducts.additionalProductId', $productId)

This query will join the two tables on the `id` column of the `products` table and the `product_id` column of the `additionalProducts` table. It will then filter the results based on the `additionalProductId` column matching the desired productId.

Make sure to replace `x` with the actual productId you want to filter by.

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