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php - Docusign - Getting Empty Document on download


I am integrating Docusign in a laravel project with this package docusign/esign-client. I am trying to download the document from the envelope sent, using following code:

 $envelopeApi = new EnvelopesApi(new ApiClient($configuration));
$tempFile = $envelopeApi->getDocument($config['accountId'], 'combined', $config['envelopeId']);
file_put_contents('combined.pdf', file_get_contents($tempFile->getPathName()));

$tempFile = $envelopeApi->getDocument($config['accountId'], '1', $config['envelopeId']);
file_put_contents('sample.pdf', file_get_contents($tempFile->getPathName()));

In both the case , the file being saved is of zero bytes, which means empty.

The same issue happens in the example codes as well, which can be checked out here

Any help would be appreciated,

My Answer:
>getDocument($accountId, $envelopeId, "combined");_ file_put_contents("temp.pdf", $tempFile);_ However, when I open the downloaded "temp.pdf" file, it is empty. Can anyone help me with this issue?

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