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php - Eloquent Relationship without defining foreign key constraint


I have some query related to Eloquent Relationships in Laravel.

If I didn't specify a foreign key when using any relationship defined by laravel so laravel makes it work by assuming the foreign key based upon the parent model name as written in laravel 8 documentation.

So what I want to ask is that if laravel is only assuming means laravel will make the relationship work but data consistency will not be maintained by laravel as what foreign key does? Am I right?

And if I am right then the solution will be to explicitly define the foreign key in migration file when using relationships?

My Answer:
Yes, you are correct. When you do not explicitly define the foreign key in your Eloquent relationship, Laravel will assume the foreign key based on the parent model name. While this will make the relationship work, it may not maintain data consistency as effectively as explicitly defining the foreign key.

To ensure data consistency and explicitly define the foreign key in your migration file when using relationships, you can use the `foreignId` method in your migration file to define the foreign key constraint. This will make the relationship more explicit and help maintain data integrity in your database.

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