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php - Generate Xml with Js in Codeigniter?


I am having problem with creating xml with codeigniter any help please!
here is what im doing

$data['settings'] = $this->settings_model->getSettings();
$string = $this->load->view('sitemap', $data);
$string = '<p>Here is a paragraph & an entity (&#123;).</p>';
$string = xml_convert($string);
echo $string;

My Answer:

$data = array(
'name' => 'John Doe',
'age' => 30,
'email' => '[email protected]'

$xml = $this->xml_writer->get_xml_from_array($data);

echo $xml;

This code snippet assumes that you have already loaded the XML Writer library in CodeIgniter. The get_xml_from_array method is used to convert the array data into XML format. Make sure to check if the XML Writer library is properly loaded and configured in your CodeIgniter application.

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