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php - Get database info in cart-detailed-product-line.tpl


I would need to get database info to be displayed in cart-detailed-product-line.tpl
I need to access the ps_cart table and display infos from a column I created in it. There already is a $cart variable available in this tpl file but it looks like it doesn't get datas from ps_cart. I looked for the php file from where I could call those datas with SQL requests but I don't get to find it...

How can I manage to do it ?

My Answer:
To access database information in the cart-detailed-product-line.tpl file, you will need to modify the PHP file that is responsible for providing data to this template. Typically, the data is fetched and processed in a controller file before being passed to the template for display.

Here are the steps you can follow to access the ps_cart table and display information from a custom column in the cart-detailed-product-line.tpl file:

1. Locate the controller file that is responsible for handling the cart page. This file is usually named something like CartController.php or ShoppingCartController.php.

2. In the controller file, find the function that is responsible for loading the cart data. This function will typically query the database to fetch the cart information and pass it to the template.

3. Modify the query in this function to include the custom column that you created in the ps_cart table. You can use SQL queries to fetch the data from the database.

4. Once you have fetched the data from the database, assign it to a variable and pass it to the template along with the other cart information.

5. In the cart-detailed-product-line.tpl file, you can now access the data from the custom column by using the variable that you passed from the controller.

By following these steps, you should be able to access database information and display it in the cart-detailed-product-line.tpl file. If you are having trouble locating the controller file or making the necessary modifications, you may need to consult the documentation of the e-commerce platform you are using or seek help from a developer familiar with the platform.

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