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php - get value attribute of hidden input field in symfony controller


I'm using Symfony 5 and php7.

{{ form_widget(form.groupTab) }}<input type="hidden" id="ce-participants__type" data-field="app_registration_group_type_form[groupTab]" value="0">

I want to get the value attribute within the hidden input field. It should return '0' as string.

In my controller I`ve tried following:

$groupTab = $form->get('groupTab')->getViewData();

but I always get an empty string as response => ''

My Answer:
To get the value attribute of a hidden input field in a Symfony controller, you can access the value through the form object. Here's an example of how you can do this:

// Inside your controller action method
public function someAction(Request $request)
$form = $this->createForm(SomeFormType::class);

// Get the value of the hidden input field
$hiddenFieldValue = $form->get('groupTab')->getData();

// Do something with the hidden field value
// For example, you can pass it to a service or use it in your business logic

// Return a response or render a template

In this example, `SomeFormType` is the form type class that defines the form containing the hidden input field with the name `groupTab`. By calling `$form->get('groupTab')->getData()`, you can retrieve the value of the hidden input field.

Make sure to replace `SomeFormType` with the actual form type class you are using in your application.

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