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php - how to get name from url dynamically


How to get a part of the url?

query to be made:

$name = 'LeSant'; // (from url dinamic) //
$event = Dias::where('name', $name)->first();

How can I get name from the url? /event/LeSant

My Answer:
To get a part of the URL dynamically in PHP, you can use the `$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']` variable to get the current URL and then extract the desired part from it. Here's an example of how you can achieve this:

// Get the current URL
$currentUrl = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

// Split the URL by '/' to get an array of URL segments
$urlSegments = explode('/', $currentUrl);

// Get the desired part of the URL (in this case, the name)
$name = $urlSegments[2]; // Assuming the name is the third segment in the URL

// Use the extracted name in your query
$event = Dias::where('name', $name)->get();

In this example, we first get the current URL using `$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']`. We then split the URL into segments using `explode('/', $currentUrl)` and extract the desired part (in this case, the name) from the URL segments. Finally, we use the extracted name in the query to fetch the relevant data from the database.

Please note that the exact implementation may vary depending on the structure of your URLs and the specific requirements of your application.

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