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php - I want my date format to be in the form 09:54:24


This is my controller

public function spTimeOnline(ServiceProvider $provider)
$serviceProviders = DB::select('select sp.fname,sp.lname,sp.location,sp.area, sp.phone_number,sp.profile_picture, (select count(*) from trips where driver_id = and ended is not null) as totalTrips,(select count(*) from trips where driver_id = and ended >= CURRENT_DATE ()) as tripsToday,(SELECT SUM(TIMESTAMPDIFF(SECOND,connected,disconnected)) from s_p_socket_connections where as time_spent,(SELECT SUM(TIMESTAMPDIFF(SECOND,connected,disconnected)) from s_p_socket_connections where and connected >= CURRENT_DATE ()) as time_spent_today ,(select
when isnull(connected)
then false
when isnull(disconnected)
then true
else false
from s_p_socket_connections where order by connected desc limit 1) as online from service_providers sp order by time_spent_today desc');

return view('time_online', compact('serviceProviders'));

And this is my blade file.

<td>{{$provider->time_spent ? \Carbon\CarbonInterval::second($provider->time_spent)->cascade()->forHumans(true):0}}</td>

it gives me the result in the format 9h 54m 24s but i want it in 09:54:24

My Answer:
is not null and started_at >= DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 HOUR)) as tripsLastHour from service_providers sp where sp.status = 1');

foreach ($serviceProviders as $provider) {
$provider->timeOnline = date('H:i:s', strtotime($provider->timeOnline));

return view('service_providers', ['serviceProviders' => $serviceProviders]);

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