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php - Is it possible to update inventory_policy for all products using API in Shopify?


From my PHP application, I want to update the inventory_policy (continue/deny) of all products using API. Is there any way to do so without a loop?

My Answer:
Yes, it is possible to update the inventory_policy for all products in Shopify using the Shopify API. However, you will need to loop through each product to update the inventory_policy individually as there is no bulk update endpoint available in the Shopify API for updating inventory_policy for all products at once.

You can use the Shopify API's Product endpoint to retrieve all products and then update the inventory_policy for each product individually. Here is an example code snippet in PHP to update the inventory_policy for all products:


require 'vendor/autoload.php'; // Include the Shopify API client library

use PHPShopify\ShopifySDK;

$shopify = new ShopifySDK();

// Get all products
$products = $shopify->Product->get();

// Loop through each product and update the inventory_policy
foreach ($products as $product) {
$productId = $product['id'];

// Update the inventory_policy for the product
$updatedProduct = $shopify->Product($productId)->put([
'product' => [
'id' => $productId,
'inventory_policy' => 'deny' // Update the inventory_policy to 'deny'

// Check if the update was successful
if ($updatedProduct) {
echo "Inventory_policy updated for product with ID: $productId\n";
} else {
echo "Failed to update inventory_policy for product with ID: $productId\n";

Please note that you will need to replace `'deny'` with the desired inventory_policy value (either `'continue'` or `'deny' as per your requirement) in the code snippet above.

While this code snippet does involve looping through each product, it is the most efficient way to update the inventory_policy for all products using the Shopify API.

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