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php - Is there a way to make Quality Tools settings in PhpStorm global?


The PHP | Quality Tools settings in PhpStorm settings are not global, but I would want them to be. The desired effect would be that when opening a (new) project, the settings will be the same across all instances.

Any tips as to how this could be achieved are more than welcome :)

My Answer:
Unfortunately, as of now, PhpStorm does not have a built-in feature to make Quality Tools settings global across all projects. However, there are a few workarounds you can try:

1. Create a default project template: You can create a default project template with all the Quality Tools settings configured as you want them. Whenever you start a new project, you can use this template as a base.

2. Use project-specific settings: You can configure the Quality Tools settings for each project individually. This way, each project can have its own settings tailored to its specific requirements.

3. Share settings across projects: PhpStorm allows you to export and import settings. You can export the Quality Tools settings from one project and import them into another project. This way, you can easily replicate the settings across multiple projects.

While these workarounds may not provide a perfect solution, they can help you streamline the process of configuring Quality Tools settings in PhpStorm.

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