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php - Laravel - application showing old views after making changes


I am working on a Laravel template. I have made changes in the public folder while using xampp.
however, when I upload the project to live hosting, the application is showing the old unchanged view but it loads properly when I load it with xampp

I have tried clearing commands but no luck:

php artisan cache:clear

php artisan route:cache

php artisan view:clear

php artisan config:cache

Please how can I get past this issue?

My Answer:
It sounds like the issue may be related to caching. Here are a few more steps you can try to clear the cache and ensure that your changes are reflected on the live hosting:

1. Clear the application cache by running the following command:

php artisan cache:clear

2. Clear the route cache by running the following command:

php artisan route:clear

3. Clear the view cache by running the following command:

php artisan view:clear

4. Clear the config cache by running the following command:

php artisan config:clear

5. If you are using a caching service like Redis or Memcached, make sure to clear the cache for your application in those services as well.

6. Make sure that you have uploaded all the updated files to the live hosting server.

7. If the issue persists, try restarting the web server on the live hosting server to ensure that the changes are properly reflected.

If none of these steps work, you may want to check if there are any specific caching mechanisms or configurations in place on your live hosting server that could be causing the issue. Additionally, you can try reaching out to your hosting provider for further assistance in troubleshooting the caching issue.

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