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php laravel how to include additional library after it was installed with composer


In a php laravel 9 project i try to use this library:

I added it to composer configuration:

composer require cnlpete/image-metadata-parser

Then I add it in controller to be able to find the class.

I tried like this :

//add this into controller:
require '../vendor/autoload.php';
use cnlpete\image-metadata-parser;

And I get error
syntax error, unexpected token "-", expecting "," or ";"

Then I also added in config/app.php this:

'aliases' => [

'ImageMetadataParser' => cnlpete\image-metadata-parser\imageMetadataParser::class,

I see the path to the library after it was installed by composer is: myappname/vendor/cnlpete/image-metadata-parser/imageMetadataParser.php

If I use just like this without other configuration:

$imageparser = new vendor\cnlpete\image-metadata-parser\ImageMetadataParser(....);

I get error:
Class "App\Http\Controllers\vendor\cnlpete\image" not found

How to include this library in the controller to be able to use it?

My Answer:
To include the library in your Laravel project after installing it with Composer, you don't need to use the `require` statement in your controller. Instead, you can simply use the namespace of the library in your controller.

Here's how you can include the library in your controller:

use cnlpete\ImageMetadataParser\ImageMetadataParser;

class YourController extends Controller
public function yourMethod()
// Use the library here
$parser = new ImageMetadataParser();

Make sure to use the correct namespace and class name when including the library in your controller. Also, ensure that you have run `composer dump-autoload` after installing the library to update the autoloader.

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