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php - Loop parameters through a query collection and then merge them (Laravel 8)


I got a few parameters in the url that I want to loop into a Laravel where query. After doing that I want to merge them into 1 collection and without duplicates.

This is what I have written already:

foreach($request->query() as $key => $query){
$guides[] = SupportGuideTranslation::where($key, $query)->get();

These are my parameters:


My Answer:
>all() as $key => $value) {
$query = Model::where($key, $value);
$queries[] = $query;

$mergedCollection = collect();

foreach ($queries as $query) {
$results = $query->get();
$mergedCollection = $mergedCollection->merge($results);

$uniqueMergedCollection = $mergedCollection->unique();

return $uniqueMergedCollection;

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