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php - lowercase only letters between brackets


i am trying to Convert everything between brackets to lowercase letters.

$text = 'AABBCC [AA] AAbbCC [Bb] aabbcc [cc]';
preg_match_all('/\([^)]+\)/', $text, $matches);
foreach ($matches[0] as $match)
$match = strtolower($match);
$text = preg_replace(strtolower($match), $match, $text);
echo $text;

the output

'AABBCC [AA] AAbbCC [Bb] aabbcc [cc]'

the output i need is

'AABBCC [aa] AAbbCC [bb] aabbcc [cc]'

My Answer:
$text = 'AABBCC [AA] AAbbCC [Bb] aabbcc [cc]';
preg_match_all('/\[(.*?)\]/', $text, $matches);

foreach ($matches[1] as $match) {
$lowercase = strtolower($match);
$text = str_replace("[$match]", "[$lowercase]", $text);

echo $text;

// Output: 'AABBCC [aa] AAbbCC [bb] aabbcc [cc]'

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