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php method won't truncate text file


I have a pre-registration data file ('tmp/data.txt') that I have to process 5 to 25 times a night at club meetings. Permissions are 644. I use an html web app to generate users' ID #'s.

sample: 10673062 12345678 etc.

After reading the file, it needs to be truncated to 0 bytes. I don't want to process the same ID #'s repeatedly.

I have tried every php trick in the book:


function remake() {

// do various js operations, then:

<?php $fh = fopen( 'tmp/data.txt', 'w' ); fclose($fh);?>
<?php file_put_contents("tmp/data.txt", "");?>
<?php $fp = fopen("tmp/data.txt", "w+"); ftruncate($fp, 0); fclose($fp);?>

// do more js stuff.



But the file remains intact. What do I have to do (chmod or chgrp possibly ?) to make the file accessible for truncation by php?

SOLVED: made an external php 'eraseRegs.php;' called it and it worked. Thanks!

My Answer:
The PHP method `won` does not exist in the PHP programming language. It is possible that you may be referring to a custom method or function that has been defined in a PHP script. If you provide more context or code snippets, I may be able to help you further.

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