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PHP Object - Proper way to define a property with an If statement


Minimal example:

class Equipment
public $Temp;

function __construct($filter) {

$this->Temp = 100;

if(ContainsStringHelper($filter, "car")) {
$this->Running = true;

You can see that I want to define $this->Running if the $filter variable contains the word car. If it does not, I don't want the property on the object.

This works, however PHPStorm throws a problem saying "Property declared dynamically":

I can get rid of that by declaring the property public $Running, but I don't want it to be a property on the object as null if the logic doesn't assign it a value.

Is there a proper way to do this?

My Answer:
> public $Temp;__

function __construct($filter) {
if ($filter == 'hot') {
$this->Temp = 'High';
} elseif ($filter == 'cold') {
$this->Temp = 'Low';
} else {
$this->Temp = 'Unknown';

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