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php - ORO CRM unable to create unique keys


orocrm 5.0, ubuntu server arm64, installed with composer & symfony

I'm trying to create a unique key in Account entity with a custom field "domain" with the web UI, but this error in logs appear :

[2022-02-25T17:31:17.246271+00:00] request.INFO: Matched route "oro_entityextend_entity_unique_key". {"route":"oro_entityextend_entity_unique_key","route_parameters":{"_route":"oro_entityextend_entity_unique_key","id":"79","_controller":"Oro\\Bundle\\EntityExtendBundle\\Controller\\ConfigEntityGridController::uniqueAction"},"request_uri":"","method":"POST"} []
[2022-02-25T17:31:17.375084+00:00] request.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception Oro\Bundle\EntityConfigBundle\Exception\EntityConfigValidationException: "Invalid entity config for "Oro\Bundle\AccountBundle\Entity\Account": Unrecognized option "unique_key" under "entity". Available options are "contact_information", "description", "entity_alias", "entity_plural_alias", "grid_all_view_label", "icon", "label", "plural_label"." at /home/ubuntu/crm/vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/EntityConfigBundle/EntityConfig/ConfigurationHandler.php line 128 {"exception":"[object] (Oro\\Bundle\\EntityConfigBundle\\Exception\\EntityConfigValidationException(code: 0): Invalid entity config for \"Oro\\Bundle\\AccountBundle\\Entity\\Account\": Unrecognized option \"unique_key\" under \"entity\". Available options are \"contact_information\", \"description\", \"entity_alias\", \"entity_plural_alias\", \"grid_all_view_label\", \"icon\", \"label\", \"plural_label\". at /home/ubuntu/crm/vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/EntityConfigBundle/EntityConfig/ConfigurationHandler.php:128)"} []

I've tried with a custom entity (also created with the web UI) and same result.

Someone can explain the problem here ?


My Answer:
To create unique keys in ORO CRM, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your ORO CRM instance as an administrator.
2. Go to System -> Configuration -> General Setup.
3. Under the "System Configuration" section, click on the "Generate Key" button next to the "Unique Key" field.
4. This will generate a unique key for your ORO CRM instance.
5. Click on the "Save Settings" button to save the changes.

If you are unable to create unique keys in ORO CRM, there may be a few reasons for this issue:

1. Permissions issue: Make sure that the user running the ORO CRM application has the necessary permissions to generate unique keys. Check the file permissions and ownership of the ORO CRM installation directory.

2. Composer issue: If you installed ORO CRM using Composer, make sure that Composer is properly configured and up to date. You can run the following command to update Composer:

composer self-update

3. Server configuration issue: Check the server configuration to ensure that it meets the requirements for running ORO CRM. Make sure that all necessary PHP extensions are installed and enabled.

If you continue to experience issues with creating unique keys in ORO CRM, you may want to consult the ORO CRM documentation or reach out to the ORO CRM support team for further assistance.

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