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php - Prevent blank space in pdf pages (DomPdf)


I don't want to leave blank spaces or leave only the minimum possible in pdf.
I noticed that the tag is only inserted on the page when all its content fits on the page, otherwise it advances to the next page.
I have using DOMPDF lib to generate this pdf.

My Answer:
To prevent blank spaces in PDF pages generated using DomPdf, you can try the following approaches:

1. Adjust the page margins: You can try reducing the page margins to fit more content on a single page. This can help in utilizing the available space more efficiently.

2. Use CSS to control page breaks: You can use CSS properties like `page-break-inside: avoid;` to prevent elements from breaking across pages. This can help in ensuring that content stays together on the same page.

3. Check for empty elements: Make sure that there are no empty elements or unnecessary line breaks in your HTML content. Removing these can help in reducing the amount of blank space in the generated PDF.

4. Experiment with different font sizes and line heights: Adjusting the font size and line height of your content can help in fitting more text on a single page.

5. Split content into multiple pages: If a single page cannot accommodate all the content, consider splitting it into multiple pages using page breaks or pagination.

By implementing these suggestions, you should be able to minimize the amount of blank space in your PDF pages generated using DomPdf.

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