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php - removing certain elements from a string


I would like to change the following content to a string in php so that the names come out as this


instead of this which is showing in my blade file


ive tried to do this in my controller but its showing an invalid result.

$minute = Minutes::find($id);
$minuteSlash = $minute->attendances;
$attendees = substr($minuteSlash, 2, -2);

is there a way i can do this

My Answer:
You can achieve this by using the `str_replace` function in PHP. Here's an example code snippet to remove certain elements from a string:

// Original string
$string = "this_itai,this_bliss,this_john";

// Elements to remove
$elementsToRemove = array("this_", ",this_");

// Replace elements with an empty string
$newString = str_replace($elementsToRemove, "", $string);

// Output the new string
echo $newString;

In this example, we first define the original string and an array of elements to remove. We then use the `str_replace` function to replace these elements with an empty string, effectively removing them from the original string. Finally, we output the new string which should now contain the desired names separated by commas.

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