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php - RouteName and ModelName is same in Controller resource problem


is there a way for the routeName (number 1) and modelName(number 2) to be different ??
(define both separately)

My Answer:
Yes, you can define the route name and model name separately in a Laravel controller resource. Here's how you can achieve this:

1. Define the route name separately in your routes file (web.php or api.php):

Route::resource('posts', 'PostController')->names([
'index' => 'posts.index',
'create' => 'posts.create',
'store' => '',
'show' => '',
'edit' => 'posts.edit',
'update' => 'posts.update',
'destroy' => 'posts.destroy',

2. Define the model name in your controller:

class PostController extends Controller
protected $modelName = 'Post';

// Controller methods

By defining the route name separately in the routes file and the model name in the controller, you can have different names for the route and model while still using the controller resource.

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