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php - Sql query to extract data containing a specific text with inserted 0 in any position


Suppose I have a variable


Now I want to run a query to extract data from the column Subject say that contains the following elements

0MCS1, MCS01, MCS001, MCS10, MCS001, MCS010

I have tried using like but could not reach the goal as the position of 0 or 00 can be anywhere in the string.

Please give me a clue.

My Answer:
You can use the `REGEXP` operator in MySQL to achieve this. Here is an example query that extracts data from the `Subject` column containing the specific text with inserted 0 in any position:

SELECT * FROM your_table
WHERE Subject REGEXP '0*MCS1|0*MCS01|0*MCS001|0*MCS10|0*MCS001|0*MCS010';

In this query, the `REGEXP` operator is used to match any occurrence of the specified text with inserted 0 in any position. The `0*` part of the regular expression allows for zero or more occurrences of the digit 0 before the specified text.

You can adjust the regular expression pattern as needed to match other variations of the text with inserted 0 in any position.

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