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PHP string has thousand Separators Multiplication


I have two strings. the one has a thousand separator as a comma, the other one has a decimal point as a dot.

below is my example code for explanation.

$number1 = "250,000";
$number2 = "1.000";

what I want to do is to multiply those two strings. I somewhat found that PHP thinks the comma as a floating point!

echo number_format($number1 , 3, ".", ",");

//result : 250.000 value type is still a string

I have already used the floatval() method but maybe i havn't used it in a proper way.

please can anyone help me with this problem? I want to multiply those two...

My Answer:
$number2 = "2.5";

// Remove thousand separator and convert to float
$number1 = (float) str_replace(",", "", $number1);

// Multiply the two numbers
$result = $number1 * $number2;

echo $result; // Output: 2500

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