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I have trouble writing test for my custom voter in Symfony as I am new at writing test:

This is part of the code I want to test:

protected function voteOnAttribute(
string $attribute,
TokenInterface $token
): bool
$user = $token->getUser();
if (!$user instanceof UserInterface) {
return false;

return match ($attribute) {
'read' => $this->canRead($member, $subject),
'create' => $this->canCreate($member, $subject),
default => throw new Exception(sprintf('Unhandled attribute "%s"', $attribute))

And this is my test class:

protected $token;

public function setUp(): void
$this->token = $this->createMock(TokenInterface::class);
'fistName' => 'Jonh',
'lastName' => 'Doe',
'email' => '[email protected]'

* @dataProvider provideCases
public function testVote(
array $attributes,
string $subject,
?TokenInterface $token,
) {
$voter = new RoleVoter();
$this->assertEquals($expectedVote, $voter->vote($this->token, $subject, $attributes));

public function provideCases(): \Generator
yield 'user cannot read' => [

yield 'user can read' => [

And I always get:

testVote with data set "user can read" (array('read'), 'customers',
null, 1) Failed asserting that -1 matches expected 1.

I would really appreciate if someone would help me continue with this.. Thanks

My Answer:

if (!$user instanceof User) {
// the user must be logged in; if not, deny access
return false;

switch ($attribute) {
case 'EDIT':
// logic to determine if the user can edit the subject
case 'DELETE':
// logic to determine if the user can delete the subject

return false;

Here is an example of how you can write a test for this voter class using PHPUnit:

use App\Security\Voter\CustomVoter;
use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;
use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authentication\Token\TokenInterface;
use App\Entity\User;

class CustomVoterTest extends TestCase
public function testVoteOnAttribute()
$voter = new CustomVoter();

$user = new User(); // create a mock User object
$token = $this->createMock(TokenInterface::class);

$this->assertFalse($voter->voteOnAttribute('EDIT', null, $token));
$this->assertFalse($voter->voteOnAttribute('DELETE', null, $token));

In this test, we create an instance of the `CustomVoter` class and mock a `TokenInterface` object with a mock `User` object. We then call the `voteOnAttribute` method with different attributes and assert that the method returns `false` for both cases.

You can expand this test by adding more test cases for different scenarios and attributes to ensure that your voter class behaves as expected in various situations.

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