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php - Unable to get query parameters from laravel url get request


this is my url and i am unable to get the query parameters i dont know why.
anyone can tell me whats going on?

http://localhost:8000/senders/verify#/[email protected]&option=AccountActivated

if I use

http://localhost:8000/senders/[email protected]&option=AccountActivated

I can successfully get the varaibles but after putting #/activate i can't. i dont know why.

My Answer:
It looks like the URL you provided does not have any query parameters. Query parameters are typically added to a URL after a question mark (?) followed by key-value pairs separated by an ampersand (&).

For example, a URL with query parameters would look like this:

If you are trying to access query parameters in a Laravel controller, you can use the `request()` helper function to retrieve them. For example:

$value1 = request('param1');
$value2 = request('param2');

Make sure to include the necessary query parameters in your URL for them to be accessible in your Laravel application.

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