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php - Ways to write Laravel routes


Is there a better way to write these routes? It seems I am repeating the same controller in my route files.

Route::post('user', [UserController::class, 'update']);
Route::get('user', [UserController::class, 'index']);
Route::delete('users/{id}',[UserController::class, 'destroy']);

My Answer:
One way to improve the readability and organization of your routes in Laravel is to use resourceful routing. Resourceful routing allows you to define all the routes for a resource (such as a user) in a single line of code.

Here's how you can define resourceful routes for the UserController:

Route::resource('users', UserController::class);

This single line of code will generate the following routes for the UserController:

- GET /users - UserController@index
- GET /users/create - UserController@create
- POST /users - UserController@store
- GET /users/{id} - UserController@show
- GET /users/{id}/edit - UserController@edit
- PUT/PATCH /users/{id} - UserController@update
- DELETE /users/{id} - UserController@destroy

This way, you can define all the routes for the UserController in a more concise and organized manner.

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