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php - What are @ in codeigniter framework?


Since I'm new and just started to work on the Codeigniter framework I've noticed the @ in the files

What are those @ followed by the various names. I would like to know those so if by any chance I can use it in future.

My Answer:
The @ symbols followed by various names in CodeIgniter framework are PHPDoc annotations. PHPDoc is a documentation generator for PHP code, and these annotations provide additional information about the code to help with documentation generation and code analysis.

Here are some common PHPDoc annotations used in CodeIgniter:

- @package: Specifies the package to which the class or function belongs.
- @author: Specifies the author of the code.
- @copyright: Specifies the copyright information for the code.
- @license: Specifies the license under which the code is distributed.
- @link: Specifies a link to the official website or documentation for the code.
- @since: Specifies the version of the framework in which the code was introduced.

These annotations are not required for the code to function, but they can be helpful for documenting and understanding the codebase. You can use these annotations in your own code to provide additional information for yourself and other developers who may work on the project in the future.

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