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PHP while loop paging


I have the following PHP loop:

if( have_rows('home_projecten') ) {
$i = 0;
while( have_rows('home_projecten') ) {
if($i == 1) {
echo '<div class="slide">';
echo '<div class="project"></div>';
if($i == 3) {
$i = 0;
echo '</div>';

I am trying to split my 'project items' in slides, with 3 items per slide. Currently, this is working fine for every 'full' slide, meaning a slide with 3 projects. When $i becomes larger than 3, a new slide is added.

However, when I have for example 4 projects, the second slide div is not closed anymore, as I never reach $i == 3 again.. I know I could fix this with counting the array and doing something with that, but I have no idea how..

Help would be greatly appreciated!

My Answer:
Page 1: Project 1'; } elseif($i == 2) { echo 'Page 2: Project 2'; } elseif($i == 3) { echo 'Page 3: Project 3'; } $i++; }}

This loop is iterating over the rows of a repeater field called 'home_projecten' and displaying the projects on different pages based on the value of $i. Each time the loop runs, $i is incremented by 1 and the corresponding project is displayed based on the value of $i.

You can continue this pattern to display more projects on different pages by adding more elseif statements for each project.

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