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php - wordpress pagination between pages


I found a lot of way to paginate posts but what I didnt find is that if it is possible to have a pagination between pages.

I am looking for a plugin which set pagination at the bottom, and I could set a page for each pagination item. For example number 1 and number 2 would be a completely different page.

Does anyone tried to achieve this behaviour?

My Answer:
Yes, it is possible to achieve pagination between pages in WordPress using plugins or custom code. One popular plugin that allows you to set a different page for each pagination item is WP PageNavi.

With WP PageNavi, you can customize the pagination links to point to specific pages on your site. This allows you to create a more structured navigation system for your content.

Alternatively, you can also achieve this behavior using custom code by modifying the pagination functions in your theme's template files. This would require some knowledge of PHP and WordPress development.

Overall, there are multiple ways to implement pagination between pages in WordPress, so you can choose the method that best suits your needs and technical skills.

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