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regex - PHP preg_split() if it is NOT a number, + sign, bracket, new line or tab


I have the following operation which splits a string whenever it encounters an alphabet:

$splitOriginal = preg_split("/[a-zA-Z]/", implode('', array_slice($array, $key)), 2);

I want to extend it in such a way that it splits the string whenever the variable encountered is NOT a number, bracket, plus sign, hyphen, newline or tab.

I have written a regex which can match the above:

preg_match('/^(?=.*[0-9])[- +()0-9\r\n\t]+$/', $value)

But I need to negate it, to match whenever the value being compared is NOT it. Would really appreciate any prompt help I can get.

Thank you.

My Answer:
'/[a-zA-Z]/', $originalString);

To split the string whenever it encounters a character that is not a number, sign, bracket, new line, or tab, you can use the following regex pattern:

$splitOriginal = preg_split('/[^0-9\(\)\[\]\{\}\+\-\*\/\n\t]/', $originalString);

This pattern uses the `^` symbol inside the square brackets to match any character that is not a number (`0-9`), opening or closing brackets (`\(\)`, `\[ \]`, `\{ \}`), arithmetic operators (`\+\-\*\/`), new line (`\n`), or tab (`\t`).

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