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Serialize / Unserialize boolean data in PHP


I'm having some issues using the serialize and unserialize PHP function as it relates to boolean data.

If I serialize this array:

$test = [
"id" => "test",
"name" => "Test",
"isActive" => 0

$data = serialize($test);

And then unserialize it:

$data = unserialize($data);

This is the array I am seeing:

$data = [
"id" => "test",
"name" => "Test",
"isActive" => "0"

It has converted the boolean property to a string. Any ideas on how to keep that property in tact?

I read that serialize and unserialize do not recognize true/false.

My Answer:
'is_true' => true,_ 'is_false' => false,_];_and then unserialize it:_$serialized = serialize($test);$unserialized = unserialize($serialized);_I would expect the 'is_true' key to have a value of true and the 'is_false' key to have a value of false. However, when I print out the unserialized array, both values are converted to 1 (true)._Is there a way to properly serialize and unserialize boolean data in PHP?

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