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spell checking - PHP 8 - Enchant not working - Broker returns an empty array


I am using PHP 8 on Xampp (Windows)

Have added extension=php_enchant.dll to php.ini

  • php directory added to windows PATH

  • copied libenchant_hunspell.dll / libenchant_ispell.dll / libenchant_myspell.dll to [php]/lib/enchant

  • moved *.dic & *.aff to [php]/share/myspell/dicts

But still cannot get Enchant to detect Brokers

sample code

$broker = enchant_broker_init();
$tag = 'en_US';

$bprovides = enchant_broker_describe($broker);
echo "Current broker provides the following backend(s):\n";


Current broker provides the following backend(s): Array ( ) Current broker provides the following dictionaries: Array ( )

My Answer:
to [php]/lib/enchant/dicts__Restarted Apache and checked phpinfo() to confirm Enchant is enabled__However, when I try to use Enchant in my code, the broker returns an empty array__I have tried different dictionaries and languages, but still no luck__Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue?

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